+ What is SalardeUyuni.travel?

SalardeUyuni.travel is a registered trademark by Banjo Tours that identifies the trips in the Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats) and Altiplano regions of Bolivia.

+ Is Banjo Tours a reputable agency?

Banjo Tours is NOT an agency (which simply endorses its customers to third party companies). Banjo Tours is a “tour operator” that runs its OWN trips and organizes every aspect of it, from vehicles to accommodation and staff.

+ Where is Banjo Tours based?

In La Paz, Bolivia.

+ What kind of trips does Banjo Tours offer?

Trips around the country with the common feature of being off the beaten track and away from the big crowds. In the Salar de Uyuni region, Banjo Tours offers unique trips visiting off the beaten track places that are seldom mentioned by any guidebook in existence. Naturally, our trips include the famed Uyuni Salt Flats but in addition, many places that few travelers get to see.

+ Where do these trips begin?

Most of our trips begin in the city of La Paz for our customers’ convenience but also in San Pedro de Atacama, Potosi and Sucre on request.

+ Where do these trips end?

Most of our trips end in the town of Uyuni. From there, our customers may choose to take a bus or plane back to La Paz or alternatively, continue to Potosi-Sucre or elsewhere. Uyuni is well connected by land and air so upon completion of our trips, customers can easily arrange onward transport.

+ What is special about these trips?

No other company offers the types of trips we do. We often include unique activities such as traditional homestays, stargazing nights, sunrise and sunset trips on the salt flats, volcano ascents and more.

+ What is the main difference between the ALT and LPU trips?

They are the code we give to differentiate our trips of similar length/duration. To start, both types of trips begin in La Paz, but our ALT trips visit Sajama National Park, Salar de Coipasa, Salar de Uyuni and the more remote southwest including Reserva Eduardo Avaroa (Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde). Our LPU trips similarly visit Sajama National Park, Salar de Coipasa, Salar de Uyuni and other more interesting places between La Paz and Uyuni but do NOT visit the more remote southwest mentioned above because of the longer distances and more rugged roads.

+ Which trip should I choose the ALT or LPU trips?

Since both types of trips begin in La Paz, both offer that same advantage. However, our ALT trips involve longer drives but more places of course. These same trips visit the remote southwest which includes the colored lagoons, although based on recent experience, climate change is making these lagoons smaller and smaller and many people argue that these places are not worth the longer and rougher drives. Our LPU trips on the other hand, visit similar places without the need of the longer drives and in addition, do not miss the main highlight which is Salar de Uyuni. What’s more, our LPU trips enjoy less crowds and more pristine places with fewer crowds in sight. In short, both types of trips get you to similar highlights (lagoons, geysers, hot springs wildlife) but in different locations. Our ALT trips are longer than our LPU trips but cover more territory. Last but not least, if you plan to transfer to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, the best option is our ALT trips and not the LPU trips.

+ What is the difference between the Standard, Plus and Premium packages?

All three packages offer the same itinerary but with significantly different accommodations. Our standard package offers very simple lodging with common bathrooms and limited access to hot water. If you don’t mind that, then this package is for you. Our Plus package offers better accommodation in simple but cozy lodgings with private bathrooms and hot showers almost every night. Our Premium package offers the best available options in the region in terms of accommodation such as Tomarapi, Tayka Hotels or the Salt Hotels such as Luna Salada or Palacio de Sal.

+ Can these trips be done in reverse?

These trips are best enjoyed in the presented itineraries. However, doing the itinerary in reverse is absolutely fine and does not alter the route in the slightest. These trips can also be tailored according to our customers’ request.

+ What is special about Banjo Tours compared to the hundreds of other companies out there?

We are made up of a team of responsible professionals who love what they do. Money is not our drive, but instead, to prove that Bolivians as tourism and travel professionals have a lot to offer. Our prices are competitive but we do not lower or prices to the floor in order to cut corners and put our customers’ experience to risk. What’s most important, we offer unmatched safety, local knowledge, professional interaction with our customers and responsible practices toward the environment and the local population. If you want to know more about what makes us different, please read more here.

+ Why should I join a tour starting in La Paz instead of driving or flying to Uyuni and taking one from there?

Simply because by starting your trip in La Paz, you get to see places you would otherwise miss by taking a flight or overnight bus to Uyuni. In addition, you can save substantially by avoiding those expenses and enjoying a road trip through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Bolivian highlands, namely Sajama National Park and other hidden jewels in the region.

+ I heard that it is better to go to Uyuni first and find a cheap tour once there

Yes, you can definitely do that but cross your fingers and pray that you get a good driver and guide or the experience in general. As mentioned, if you are looking for the cheapest tour out there, you won’t find it with us. We do offer three different options for different budgets, but regardless of the package you choose, we deliver what we promise: safety, quality, reliability and everything that makes a trip memorable in its core sense.

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SalardeUyuni.travel is a registered trademark of Banjo Tours ; a legally established company based in La Paz, Bolivia.

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